Sept 20-23, 2023

Philadelphia, PA USA

Natural Products Business School

Created for emerging brands and entrepreneurs!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | 8:00am - 12:30pm | Level 200, Room 204 A

Starting AND growing a business is a lot of work. It takes time, dedication, partnerships, connections and GUTS. There are thousands of new emerging brands trying to break into the natural products industry every year. How will you help your brand stand out? How will you thrive? 

Natural Products Business School is focusing on these main subjects: how to fund, how to scale, getting into retail and how to sell in retail. We've assembled a world-class group of guest speakers to take you on the journey of entrepreneurship. 

*Please note that in-person Business School programming is a $95 add-on that should be selected as part of the Expo East registration process. If you've already registered for Expo East, head to your confirmation email and hit "change" to add-on this session.

Connect & gain impactful insights

Join New Hope Network and TIG for a half day of learning and networking purpose-built for emerging brands. The Business School provides an opportunity to connect with and gain impactful insights from a supportive ecosystem of industry experts and peers.

Leading into in-person Business School programming, be sure to check out monthly virtual classes hosted with TIG on a variety of topics. Learn more and register to attend here

  • 8:00am Welcome & Breakfast
    • Elliot Begoun, TIG
    • Jenny Cawthon, TIG
  • 8:05am Keynote
    • Clara Paye, UNiTE Food
  • 8:30am How to Fund Your Brand
    • Jake Karls, Mid-Day Squares
    • Jessica Bates, Dwight Funding
    • Isabella Hughes, Better Sour
    • Nick McCoy, Whipstitch Capital
    • Arno Hesse, Slow Money Northern California
    • Chuck Cotter, Holland & Hart
  • 9:10am Coffee Break
  • 9:20am How to Scale Your Brand
    • Brandon Hernandez, Whole Brain Consulting
    • Victoria Ho, Sherpa CPG
    • Hillary Hughes, Foster Garvey
    • Michael Movitz, Brandjectory
    • Matthew Parry, The Good Crisp Company
  • 10:00am How to Get On Shelf
    • Daniel Scharff, Machu Picchu Energy | Startup CPG
    • Jason Bidart, Thrive Market
    • Matt Levine, Chlorophyll Water
    • Mitch Orland, EarthFare
    • Ann Pendleton, Compass Group
  • 10:40am How to Get Off Shelf
    • Heather Terry, GoodSAM Foods
    • Benji Fitts, SPINS
    • Eric Schnell, Beyond Brands
    • Paul Voge, Aura Bora
  • 11:30am Networking Lunch

Elliot Begoun
TIG Brands

Jenny Cawthon
TIG Brands

Clara Paye
UNiTE Food

Jake Karls
Mid-Day Squares

Victoria Ho
Sherpa CPG

Heather Terry
GoodSAM Foods

Daniel Scharff
Machu Picchu Energy | Startup CPG

Ann Pendleton
Compass Group

Jessica Bates
Dwight Funding

Nick McCoy
Whipstitch Capital

Arno Hess
Slow Money Northern California

Chuck Cotter
Holland & Hart

Janice Greenwald
CPG Marketing Consultant

Benji Fitts

Michael Movitz

Eric Schnell
Beyond Brands

Paul Voge
Aura Bora

Mitch Orland

Matt Levine
Chlorophyll Water

Matthew Parry
The Good Crisp Company

Brandon Hernandez
Whole Brain consulting

Isabella Hughes
Better Sour

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