Sept 22-25, 2021

Philadelphia, PA USA

Sustainability Program

Our Mission

New Hope Network is proud to continue our Sustainability Program at Natural Products Expo East 2021. We recognize our trade show has an impact on the environment. Through our Sustainability Program, we are striving to identify, understand, and address these impacts to achieve continual improvement year after year. Our areas of focus continue to be: waste management, energy and water conservation, sustainable procurement, and community engagement.

Our Single-Use Plastic Goal

Did you hear? We are aiming to eliminate single-use plastics from our show in the coming years!

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What our show is doing...
  • New Hope is going single-use plastic free by the year 2022!
  • A full back of house sort occurs during the show to maximize waste diverted from the landfill.
  • 3-bin systems (recycle, compost, landfill) are placed throughout the entire Expo East campus. 
  • Staff meals are served on china and with silverware.
  • Box cutters are provided to help break down cardboard so more can be recycled.
  • Designated cardboard drop-off areas allowing more cardboard to be captured.
  • We provide resources to help companies source non-plastic sampling options.
  • GES offers in booth recycling and compost service for exhibitors.
  • We have eliminated foamcore and prohibit styrofoam from the show.
What the show is doing...
  • Metrics tracking energy, water and waste during move in/out and show days.
  • No HVAC during move in/out.
  • Lighting is set to a reduced level of 50% during set up and tear down days.
  • Escalators are shut off during move in/move out.
  • Plastic single-use water bottles have been eliminated.
  • Condiments and beverages are provided in bulk rather than individual servings.
What the show is doing...
  • Encourage shipping/freight through SmartWay freight partners.
  • Creation of Travel Green/Save Green program to incentivize attendees to utilize public transportation to/from the show.
  • Enforcement of non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors.

Travel Green/Save Green

Qualified Retailers, Distributors (Brokers and Importers/Exporters), Food Services Industry Members and Healthcare Practitioners attending the show can ride a regional bus or train to the show and Expo East will reimburse you up to $50.

Spend:                                              Receive:
$0-$14.99                                         $10 card
$15-$29.99                                       $25 card
$30 or more                                     $50 card

One roundtrip per qualified attendee, no exhibitor reimbursements, valid for regional (originating outside of Baltimore city limits) transportation, limited quantities available per day.

What the show is doing...
  • Allow all registrants to offset their travel through registration portal
  • We offset all staff travel to/from the show
Our Partner in 2019...

South Pole provided offsets for roundtrip staff travel the show.

What the show is doing...
  • Plastic single-use water bottles have been eliminated.
  • Condiments and beverages are provided in bulk rather than individual servings.
  • Styrofoam and Foamcore have been banned and eliminated from Exhibitor Service Kit (ESK).
  • Sustainable booth packages available through GES and the ESK.
  • Continued partnership with GES to procure more sustainable products including:
    • Recyclable signage
    • Reuse of banners and carpets-only recycling after several uses
  • The Show Directory Map is printed on FSC certified paper, which ensures products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


What our sponsors did in 2019 and will continue in 2021...

Show Bag Sponsor 

  • Each show bag was made of 2 recycled plastic 16.9oz water bottles. Therefore creating 10,000 show bags saved 20,000 plastic water bottles from a landfill!
  • These plastic show bags can also be recycled at the end of their life, similar to a #1 plastic bottle.
What the show is doing...
  • We encourage attendees to participate in the hotels' linen reuse program
  • All straws have been removed from F&B services unless specifically requested
What the show is doing...
  • A Sustainability Kiosk highlighting exhibitors that participate in the program.
  • Our exhibitor newsletter has sustainability tips to help exhibitors improve their sustainable practices.
  • We created a Exhibitor Sustainability guide to make the most out of your show!
  • Our Exhibitor Sustainability Survey encourages exhibitors to develop and implement sustainability initiatives for their show experience.
What the show is doing...
  • Our energy consumption metrics are collected for duration of event.
  • Carbon offsets for convention center.
  • RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) are puchased for energy usage.
  • No HVAC during move in/move out.
  • Lighting levels are set to 50% during move in/move out.
  • Enforcement of non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors.
  • Created travels offsets options that can be activated during the registration process.
Our Partner

We partner with South Pole to offset the carbon impact of staff travel to and from the Natural Products Expo East show.

Have questions, comments or concerns about the New Hope Sustainability Program?

We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected].