Sept 20-23, 2023

Philadelphia, PA USA

Sustainability Program

Our Mission

We recognize that Natural Products Expo has an immense impact on our local communities and global industry. Through our sustainability program, we are striving to better identify, understand, and proactively address environmental impacts, social sustainability, and sustainable development. 

Running an Environmentally Responsible Event

Running a Socially Responsible Event

Inspiring Sustainable Development

Faster to Zero with Support from Informa

FasterForward is New Hope Network | Natural Product Expo and Informa’s approach to sustainability, moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business. A series of activities and commitments carried out between 2020-2025 will ensure our events become ever more sustainable, delivering a truly positive impact to the markets we serve. We will also actively help our partners, customers and wider markets to achieve the same.

Our FasterForward commitments include:

  • Become carbon neutral across our events by 2025
  • Halve the waste generated through our events by 2025
  • Become zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier
  • Embed sustainability inside 100% of our events by 2025

See the full list of commitments and find out more.