Sept 20-23, 2023

Philadelphia, PA USA

Exhibitor Contacts

Generic Questions

Our customer service team is excellently equipped to handle many of your requirements and are dedicated to making your Expo experience as smooth and successful as possible.

If you have questions regarding:

  • Registration
  • Business Categories & Qualifying for the Event

You can contact a Customer Service Representative by emailing [email protected] OR by calling 1.303.390.1776 or 1.866.458.4935 (toll free, U.S. only). 

Other Resources:

Client Service Specialists (Logistics)

Your client service specialist can assist with EXHIBITOR questions regarding:

  • Exhibitor Service Kit (ESK)
  • Important exhibitor deadlines including Move-In/Move-Out
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Sampling Rules & Regulations
  • Registration and Badges
  • Uploading Company Information and Product Descriptions

Robert Decker

Client Services Manager

Kayla Forni

Client Services Specialist

Sales & Sponsorship

Your Account Manager can assist you with any questions regarding: 

  • Contracting a booth 
  • Sponsorships & media opportunities 

Gina Spampinato

Director, Sales
United States

Regions: CT, NY, PA

Tara Burkley

Director, Data & Insights
United States

Regions: WY, NV, NM, NE, KS, HI

Michelle Garske

Director, Strategic Accounts
Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle East, New Zealand, South America

Lisa OBryan

Lead Account Manager
United States

Regions: CA (ZIP Codes 94000 - 99999), WA

Cristy Adamski

Account Manager
United States

Regions: CO, IL, OH, TX, UT, WI

Jiani Lai

Account Manager


Cathy Laclair

Account Manager
United States

Regions: AK, DC, DE, IA, ID, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, MT, ND, NJ, OK, RI, SD, VA, WV

KB Nau

Account Manager
United States

Regions: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, ME, MO, MS, NC, NH, SC, TN, VT

Sam Owen

Account Manager
United States

Regions: AZ, CA (ZIP Codes 90000-91999), OR

Zachary Watson

Account Manager, Service Provider Lead*
United States

Regions: CA (ZIP codes 92000-93999)

*Service Providers: Legal/Regulation/compliance, Advertising/PR/Media/Marketing Agencies, Contract Manufacturers/private label, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Packaging, Consultants, Financial Institutions, Education/Training, Investment Banking, Industry Tech, Labs, Trade Solutions, Investor, Printing/Labels, Equipment Manufacturing, Certifiers, Testing, Inspection, Diagnostics, Plastics, ecommerce media platform, shopper marketing, search engine platforms, sustainability/ESG providers, shipping/logistics, data/insights, amazon spend/e-tailer experts, SAS platforms/vendors, virtual booth/trade show providers, sampling providers, consulting groups, advisor groups, etailers

Not Included: Wholesalers, Distributors, Associations, Brick and Mortar Retailers