Sept 20-23, 2023

Philadelphia, PA USA

Environmental Sustainability

Running an Environmentally Friendly Event means...

We are constantly learning, developing and creating more ways to become a "planet-forward" trade show. Our main focuses are waste diversion, energy/carbon offsets, water, procurement/materials and travel. Click the + signs below to learn more.

What's New in 2023!

Natural Products Expo is working towards the elimination of single use plastics to better align with our show mission. We recognize the impact the trade shows have on our planet, and as we take steps to do better, we ask that our attendees and exhibitors walk alongside us

In an effort to reduce single use plastic, we are partnering with r.Cup to bring reusable cups to various Expo East events! The continuous reuse of cups allows us to avoid tons of single-use, disposable waste. 

Here’s how it works:

And check out the new show bags that will be available at Expo East 2023! Our partner ChicoBag, a Climate Neutral, 1% for the Planet and B Corp certified company made them from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Special thank you to Robinson Pharma, Inc. for being our Show Bag sponsor in 2023!

What our show is doing...

  • Back of house waste sort during the show to maximize waste diverted from the landfill and ensure materials are sent to the correct stream.
  • Clearly labeled 3-bin front of house systems (recycle, compost, landfill) placed throughout the PCC.
  • Designated cardboard drop-off areas throughout the exhibit hall to maximize the cardboard effectively collected and recycled.
  • Zero Waste boxes placed at all dishwashing stations to collect PPE that is not typically accepted in a single stream recycling stream. This includes gloves, hair nets, and masks.
  • Collection of clings in zero waste pallets post show for recycling.
  • GES offers in booth recycling and compost porter service for exhibitors through ESK.
  • Eliminated foamcore signage and prohibit styrofoam from the show.
  • Staff meals are served on reusable serviceware.
  • Identified water refill stations throughout the convention center to allow for easy water bottle refill.
  • We are aiming to eliminate single-use plastics in the coming years!




What the show is doing...

  • Tracking of energy consumption at the convention center and hotels to offset the carbon impact through our partnership with GreenPrint and Natural Capital Partners.
  • No HVAC is used during move in/move out.
  • Lighting levels are set to 50% during move in/move out.
  • Energy and water consumption at the convention center and host hotels is tracked and offset by partnership with Climate Impact Partners.
  • Encourage shipping/freight through SmartWay freight partners.
  • Enforcement of City of Philadelphia non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors.

What the show is doing...

  • Attendees are encouraged to participate in the hotels' linen reuse program.
  • Providing water refilling stations to influence attendees to bring their own refillable water bottles. During past shows, these water refilling stations helped avoid over 6,000 plastic bottles from being used.

What the show is doing...

  • Eliminated carpet in the exhibit hall. This removes this over 300,000 sq ft of carpet and padding from our waste stream.
  • Styrofoam and foamcore have been banned and eliminated from Exhibitor Service Kit (ESK).
  • Continued partnership with GES to procure more sustainable products including reusable and recyclable signage.
  • The Show Bags are created by a company that is carbon neutral, 1% for the planet and b-corp.
  • The Show Directory Map is printed on FSC certified paper, which ensures products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.
  • Show Mobile App will provide all attendees with all pertinent show information.

What our sponsors are doing...

Lanyard Sponsor

Thank you to our sponsor Saint James for sponsoring the Natural Products Expo East 2023 lanyards! The fabric of the lanyard is made of a post-consumer polyester waste called Repreve Polyester Fiber.This fiber is made of 100% recycled plastic water bottles.


Show Bag Sponsor

Thank you to our sponsor Robinson Pharma for sponsoring the Natural Products Expo East 2023 show bags! 

Show Bag Partner

We’re proud to partner with ChicoBag, a Climate Neutral, 1% for the Planet and B Corp certified company for our show bags this year. All ChicoBag rePETe products contain certified Repreve fabric which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. 

What the show is doing...

  • Green Travel Raffle is a program where attendees and exhibitors get a chance to win big for partaking in sustainable travel to our shows. By filling out the Travel Offset Survey, they're automatically entered to win one of ten $100 gift card!
  • We offset all staff travel to/from the show
  • We are partnering with AQ Green to ensure support of certified and audited carbon offset projects around the world. All the projects supported are independently verified to assure emission reductions are occurring.