What the Show did at Expo East 2019...

  • Encouraged shipping/freight through SmartWay freight partners.
  • Creation of Travel Green/Save Green program to incentivize attendees to utilize public transportation to/from the show.
  • Enforcement of non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors.

Travel Green/Save Green

Qualified Retailers, Distributors (Brokers and Importers/Exporters), Food Services Industry Members and Healthcare Practitioners attending the show can ride a regional bus or train to the show and Expo East will reimburse you up to $50.

Spend:                                              Receive:
$0-$14.99                                         $10 card
$15-$29.99                                       $25 card
$30 or more                                     $50 card

One roundtrip per qualified attendee, no exhibitor reimbursements, valid for regional (originating outside of Baltimore city limits) transportation, limited quantities available per day.