What the Show did at Expo East 2019...

  • Leftover material (food and booth supplies) was donated to local non-profits including Habitat for Humanity and Maryland Food Bank.
  • Community Benefit concert provided healthy food and snacks to Baltimore area youth.


What our Sponsors did for Expo East 2019...

Diversity in Naturals Sponsor

  • Diversity in Naturals Networking Event is a Happy Hour where people of all races, cultures, genders, backgrounds and orientations of the natural products community come together to celebrate and recognize our individual differences. 

Community Benefit Concert Sponsors

  • The Friday Community Benefit Concert on Eutaw Street brought together the natural products industry, to benefit Baltimore City’s youth, and featured live music. 
  • Attendees actively participated in loading up backpacks with healthy food, donated by our sponsors, for local school children. 



Our Partner in 2019

  • We partnered with local non-profit, Living Classrooms, to donate our backpacks filled with healthy snacks that were then distributed to the Baltimore area youth in their programs.