Mo Payette

Mother's Market & Kitchen


Mo has been involved with the Natural Foods Industry for over 30 years and held many positions at Mother’s Market & Kitchen from Vegetarian Chef, Director of Purchasing, COO and now CEO and continues to focus efforts towards obtaining the most unique, Organic/Non-GMO/Fair Trade products available, from locally produced to sustainably sourced. Recently appointed to the NPA Board, she looks forward to connecting the retailer’s perspective to the supporting core of our industry.

With the growing demand for transparent and sustainable sourcing, it is important that we maintain a culture of caring towards our planet and hold a role that can impact change positively as this industry evolves into a larger portion of the mainstream conventional market. Evaluating this impact on our environment is key to determining the best products in each category that will not only support particular dietary needs but will also perpetuate the livelihood of the sources they are obtained from.


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