Dr. Cheryl Mitchell

Sr. VP Ingredient Manufacturing
Elmhurst Milked


Cheryl R. Mitchell, Ph.D., is recognized worldwide as a food entrepreneur in the processing of grains, nuts, and seeds, she has spent the last 35 years creating commercially wholesome ingredients utilizing unique food processing methods that preserve and maximize the nutrients in plant based ingredients and subsequent plant based consumer products. Her expertise in the metabolic functionality and composition of foods as well as the aseptic stabilization of foods has made her a significant leader in the advancement of plant forward food and beverages.
Dr. Mitchell holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and is a contributor to a variety of food industry trade magazines, technical journals, symposia, and books as well as providing guest lectures to major universities. Dr. Mitchell has participated for over 15 years as a member of CIFAR (California Institute for Food & Agricultural Research), GHSI (Global Health Share Initiative), and IFT (Institute of Food Technologists.


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