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Dharma Bars mission is to fuel your spirit, passion, body and spirit with organic plant powered ingredients. We are committed to whole food, positive energy and personal growth. We strive for relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders that are as healthy and positive as the bars we make.

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  • Veteran Chef develops an innovative, organic, vegan, gluten free and delightful nutrition bar, rooted in consciousness, ideal for people seeking to live a healthy and holistic life.

    Brookeville, MD (August 2017) – In 2016, the sale of nutrition bars alone accounted for an estimated $2.2 Billion in the U.S. An increasing focus on wellness and a need for an easy, accessible snack is expected to increase this demand. [1] Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 Millennials (ages 18-35) are choosing to eat a healthy snack in place of a meal at least once a week.[2]  However, it is often difficult for potential customers to discern the health benefits and purpose of a brand nutrition bar, other than a quick “healthy” snack. Some provide health benefits, but at the cost of taste. Others emphasize taste, but are little more than a candy bar in disguise. According to a 2016 study done by Nielsen, 70% of surveyed individuals pay attention to specific ingredients within the foods they eat.[3] Enter Dharma Bars, a vegan, gluten-free nutrition bar, packed with organic ingredients that tantalize taste buds. Dharma Bars utilize plant-powered ingredients, all the while omitting any artificial ingredients.

    Dharma Bars is inviting you to experience their nutritious, tasty, and holistic nutrition bars at the Natural Products Expo East 2017 at booth #4301.

    Passionate to introduce great tasting organic, vegan, gluten free nutrition bars, James Ricciuti founded Dharma Bars. Using his background as a chef of 35 years, a restauranteur, and endurance athlete, James created organic, vegan, gluten free and kosher nutrition bars that emphasize good taste, have a great texture, and are easily digested. Dharma Bars come in three delicious flavors and functionalities. Made from only organic plant-powered ingredients, Dharma Bars provide a purpose for any physical activity chosen throughout day.

    ·         Endurance: The Endurance Dharma Bar will keep anyone elated, vibrant and blissful during their workout. Natural sugars, healthy fats provide the perfect balance to fuel the spirit the body craves during workouts and athletic pursuits. Himalayan Pink Salt keeps electrolytes balanced. Endurance bars are made from dates, almonds, almond butter, cocoa, vanilla extract.

    ·         Recover: The Recover Dharma Bar will help rebuild the physical body and ready the spirit for the next workout. Raw cocoa, hemp seeds and cherries repair the mind and body. Recover bars include dates, almond butter, dried cherries, almonds, rice protein, hemp protein, cocoa, vanilla extract, Himalayan pink salt.

    ·         Balance: Center the body and stay present in the moment. The Balance Dharma Bar helps keep a person grounded, warms their heart and lets them live a life of awe. Cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla calm the soul. Balance Dharma Bars are made with dates, almond butter, coconut, coconut oil, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and Himalayan pink salt.

    The word Dharma means purpose, and it is “Food with Purpose” that is printed on every Dharma bar. Whenever a consumer eats a Dharma Bar, they know from the outset they are doing far more than satisfying hunger. Dharma Bars’ vision encompasses both the physical benefits of wellness, as well as the mental and spiritual. Dharma Bars give consumers more than a healthy snack; they also provide a feeling of hospitality. “Hospitality is making people feel good,” says Ricciuti. And it’s the goal of Dharma Bars to develop the self, spirit, soul and balance of each and every person through hospitality.  As a company committed to integrity, goodness and social responsibility above all else, Dharma Bars are guaranteed to be an ethical source of wellness, mental and spiritual growth through food. 

    About Dharma Bars

    James Ricciuti, founder of Dharma Bars is excited to introduce great tasting organic, vegan and gluten free nutrition bars. Using his background as a chef, restauranteur, and endurance athlete, James created organic, vegan, gluten free and kosher nutrition bars that taste fantastic, have great texture and are easily digested.

    Made from only organic plant-powered ingredients, Dharma Bars provide a purpose for any physical activity throughout your day. Enjoy Dharma Bars and fuel your purpose!

    For more information about Dharma Bars, please visit For media inquiries, requests for product samples, high-res images, or to schedule an interview with Dharma Bars founder James Ricciuti, please contact Margaret Marchuk at or at 805-969-3744.

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    [2] ‘Millennials replace meals with snacks, survey finds” 

    [3] ‘What’s In Our Food and On Our Mind’ Nielsen.

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