Gina Asoudegan

Vice President of Mission and Innovation Strategy


As Applegate's Vice President of Mission and Innovation Strategy, Gina is charged with developing and maintaining Applegate's high standards of animal welfare, production and taste. She is intimately involved at every point of production and oversees product innovations that are designed to create a consciously scaled supply chain. She is, in short, the keeper of the Applegate flame.
Over the last 12 years at Applegate, Gina has worked closely with NGOs to raise awareness of food-system issues, including antibiotic resistance and GMOs. She also was instrumental in the production and marketing of the documentary Resistance.
Gina is on the leadership team of the Non-GMO Working Group, a cross-industry collaborative that supports non-GMO production as a pathway to a more diverse, resilient and sustainable food system, is a member of the advisory board at Sustainable Food Lab, and holds a position on the advisory council for The National Young Farmers Coalition.


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