Jenelle Cobb

Founder and CEO
The Food + Health Collective,


For Jenelle, helping business in the natural food industry accelerate growth and impact is personal. After battling a series of health challenges in her 40's it turned out the cure (and likely a cause) was food. Growing up on farms in Wisconsin and learning from her grandfather planted the seeds of her entrepreneurial DNA. Her grandfather taught her how to grow food and money. She now works with the leaders in this industry to grow their business in a healthy and sustainable way, just like he did.

Jenelle's leadership career has included tackling health reform, negotiating billion dollar deals, launching $2B worth of software around the globe, raising a great deal of capitol and building businesses.

She is a trusted advisor to leaders in technology, health and food corporations - including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Amazon, AT&T, Getty, Starbucks, Clif Bar, McKesson and Illumina.

What matters to Jenelle is helping businesses accelerate their growth in a way that benefits people and the planet. She's leveraging all those years she spent in the tech and all those valuable lessons from her grandfather to disrupt and transform the food industry. She is mobilizing millions of dollars to raise awareness of the connection between food and health.

She also the founder of the Food + Health Collective-a leadership institute for the natural food & health industry.


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