Annalea Krebs

Founder & CEO
Social Nature


Known as the “Queen of Green,” Annalea Krebs is CEO of influencer
marketing company, Social Nature , that harnesses the power of Millennial
influence to inspire people to #trynatural products. Social Nature is now
one of the largest communities of Millennials that brands can tap into for
authentic word-of-mouth marketing, and is trusted by leading health brands
such as Flora Health, A. Vogel, SunWarrior and Webber Naturals.

Annalea attributes her success to both an intuitive understanding of
Millennials (Annalea is one) and almost a decade of natural product
marketing experience. Annalea was recently selected by Entrepreneur
Magazine as one of the top ‘25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under 40 Who Are
Creating the Next Big Thing’, as well as by Conscious Company Magazine
as one of ‘19 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017’.

Annalea is often called on as a natural product expert and is a regular
contributor to Canada’s #1 morning show, Breakfast Television, and Global
News. You can also find Annalea’s thoughts on everything from
fermentation to natural skincare on the pages of lifestyle websites like, and her marketing expertise in publications like Marketing
Magazine, and Grocery Business Magazine.

When Annalea is not in the office she can be found in a local yoga studio or
hiking in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Follow her journey @annaleakrebs @socialnature


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