Standing Out by Standing Up: The Role of Mission in Business

  • Thursday, 09/14/2017: 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Room: Hilton, Holiday Ballroom 1


Join us for a compelling discussion about how to build mission-driven principles into your brand, whether as a company planning to form around a mission, or a mature company hoping to incorporate a social, nutritional, or environmental mission. Three industry experts representing Runa - a beverage company, Thrive Market - a retailer, and Fair Trade USA - a certification body are here to help guide you on best practices learned from their own experiences developing and managing mission-based enterprises. This is a fascinating time as more companies are developing around a mission, helping to push the envelope and the industry to build regenerative business models that think critically about what they can do to heal and solve problems through their businesses, beyond a preventative, do-no-harm philosophy.

Discussion points will shed light on the importance of understanding:

  • What types of questions are important to ask to discover and pursue your mission
  • That honesty and vulnerability, such as exposing weaknesses in achieving mission can help overcome barriers to reach your goal
  • Storytelling and communicating the mission through many platforms
  • How an authentic mission and message of integrity can be leveraged to stand out
  • Leveraging collaboration and open discussion to solve issues, address hurdles, and build a mission
  • How Certification models, like Fair Trade USA, can help you achieve and message your mission
  • Best practices to form an authentic mission and ultimately a story that differentiates you


Amanda Hartt

Market Research Manager
New Hope Network

Jeremiah McElwee

Senior VP Merchandising and Product Development
Thrive Market

Shaina Kandel

Business Development Manager
Fair Trade USA

Tyler Gage