Emerging Women: A New Leadership Paradigm of Connection & Impact

  • Thursday, 09/14/2017: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: Hilton, Holiday Ballroom 1


Today more than ever the world needs women to lead. Over 20 studies (from VCs to Fortune 500) show that companies with women at the helm - on boards, as founders, in the C-Suite, and at top levels - are more profitable, innovative and overall successful than their counterparts. And yet in most industries women lag woefully behind in terms of salary, position, influence, and power. In this evening we will hear from Emerging Women founder Chantal Pierrat on the challenges, and the incredible opportunities, that women face in business today, and the impact it will have on the world when we approach power with a more feminine lens.

We will also gather in Power Circles to discuss our own relationship to leadership and power, and explore mindsets for overcoming limiting beliefs to play big in our leadership journey.


Chantal Pierrat

Founder & CEO
Emerging Women