New Breakthroughs in Homeopathy for People and Pets

  • Thursday, 09/14/2017: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Room: Baltimore Convention Center, Room 321

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Dr. Frank King empowers the audience to better understand the once complex science of homeopathy so they can explain it knowledgably to their customers. Through visuals and great storytelling, Dr. King helps attendees remember key points, such as how homeopathy differs from herbal and nutritional supplements.

Dr. King’s enthusiasm and passion fuel the delivery of the message, as he takes the audience from the foundation of the science and how it’s made through his own team’s breakthrough discoveries that helped hundreds of thousands of patients. His clinical experience led to the founding of King Bio, where he has been the formulator of more than 500 safe, natural medicines for people and pets.

Learn why homeopathy holds such hope for mankind, as the planet struggles to maintain balance during the modern onslaught of health destroyers – and how homeopathy can help turn it all around.

Learning Objectives

• Understand and easily explain homeopathy, from classical to contemporary, and how to explain biochemical versus bioenergetic approaches to healing
• Understand the differences in the Dr. King’s line of products versus other homeopathic lines
• Learn where to find valuable, free health resources for your staff and customers, including what a Healing Party is and how it can help your store thrive


Dr. Frank King

Founder, President
King Bio