Sustainability Program

New Hope Network is proud to continue our Sustainability Program at Natural Products Expo East 2017. We recognize our conference has an impact on the environment. Through our Sustainability Program, we are striving to identify, understand, and address these impacts to achieve continual improvement year after year.

For 2017, we are focusing in the areas of: waste management, energy and water conservation, sustainable procurement, and community engagement.

Some of our efforts include:

  • A partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset the water impact of the event by supporting Colorado River water restoration projects.
  • A partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset 100% of the energy consumed at the venue and major conference hotels.
  • Continued partnership with GES to procure more sustainable products for the conference, including recyclable signage, reuse of banners, and carpet with recycled content that is recyclable at the end of its usable life.
  • Development of Sustainable Exhibitor Guidelines for all exhibitors
  • Compost monitors provided at our resource recovery stations for a clean recycling and compost stream
  • Condiments and beverages provided in bulk rather than individual servings
  • Plastic single use water bottles have been eliminated
  • Creation of the Travel Green, Save Green program (see below) to incentivize attendees to utilize public transportation to/from the show.

We would also like to recognize the sustainability efforts of our suppliers including:

  • Baltimore Convention Center – certified to the ASTM/APEX Sustainable Venue standard
  • VISIT Baltimore – certified to the ASTM/APEX Sustainable Destination standard
  • GES – certified to the ASTM/APEX Exhibitor Services standard
  • Sheraton -- recycling of partially used amenities through Clean The World

As we begin this journey, we invite you… our attendees, exhibitors, and suppliers, to partner with us along the way. We believe that working together; we can not only minimize our environmental impact, but also leave a positive legacy in our host city of Baltimore and be leaders in our industry.

How you can help while at Natural Products Expo East:

  • Water Conservation
    • Participate in your hotel’s Linen ReUse Program
    • Take shorter showers
  • Waste Reduction
    • Use a refillable water bottle and coffee cup throughout the conference
    • Take only what you need at food functions
    • Return your lanyard at show close to be re-used at Expo West
  • Waste Diversion
    • Pay attention when throwing away materials and place them in the correct bin
    • Donate left over conference materials and items at show close
  • Energy Conservation
    • Turn off lights when leaving your hotel room
    • If exhibiting, be sure to power down your booth at the end of each show day
  • Air Quality/ CO2 Impact
    • Walk to and from the convention center or meetings
    • Offset your travel to/from Expo East
    • Choose to eat vegetarian or vegan at least one meal per day
    • Attendees: Participate in the Travel Green, Save Green Program

Travel Green, Save Green

Qualified Retailers, Distributors (Brokers and Importers/Exporters) and Healthcare Practitioners attending the show can ride a regional bus or train to the show and Expo East will reimburse you up to $50.

$30 or more

$10 card
$25 card
$50 card

One roundtrip per qualified attendee, no exhibitor reimbursements, valid for regional (originating outside of Baltimore city limits) transportation, limited quantities available per day.